What is Digital Marketing?   

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In this era of digitization are we aware of the term Digital Marketing and how closely it is associated with our daily routines and businesses?
Nowadays even food, groceries & clothes everything is just a click away.
With the growth of mobile users, companies are trying to make everything available through mobile phones and other electronic platforms. This is one of the revolutions which e-commerce industries have brought to society. Similar to that another revolution which been brought is Digital Marketing i.e digitally marketing your products or services via online platforms and generate revenue.
Digital Marketing platform has given wings to the buyers and sellers without much investment on infra and manpower and with more and more companies opting for it, this going to bring newer channels for sellers and buyers for sale and purchase of goods or services.
But how Digital Marketing works, what is the cost involved in it, and what are its Pros and Cons.Let’s figure out 1by1…..
How it works?

Digital marketing provides an online platform for potential buyers and sellers to buy or sell. Buyers can always market their products or services to any part of the world and the same goes with buyers and they can buy from any part of the world. This platform can also help the buyer to understand the quality, specifications, pricing, etc without being physically present. Most of the platforms also give a replacement option within a certain no of days in case if the product is not up to the mark.
What will be the cost associated with digital marketing?

For any business, marketing cost plays a very vital role in deciding the cost of the product. Those companies which spend more on marketing obviously their product cost will be high but with digital marketing, they can keep track of their monthly expenses and at the same time can also check the ROI of their ad campaigns. Digital Marketing provides a transparent and very cost-effective platform for the business to promote their products or services.
What are the pros and cons of Digital Marketing?
Pro’s or benefits of using Digital Marketing are as follows:1. Cost-effective and reduces time and efforts2. Minimal manpower is required for promoting products or services through an online medium3. Performance can be easily tracked and can be changed from time to time4. Better reach and awareness5. Targeting is easy6. Lot of tools and media are available for promotion
Con’s or drawback of Digital Marketing:1. Minimal knowledge of Mobile or Computer is must2. Personal & Business data such as name, Phone, Email has to be shared for signup3. Internet is must
Some facts and figures related to Digital marketing efficiency and adoption:

There are a bunch of services which Digital Marketing offers to businesses especially related to:

1. SEO– Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that is implemented to increase the ranking of a        website on SERP(Search Engine Result Page)
2. SEM– Search Engine Marketing is a service for putting up Ad campaigns on SERP to increase the traffic on the website.
3. SMM– Social Media Marketing is used to create Ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Youtube, etc
4. Email MarketingWhastapp MarketingSMS Marketing are the other channels through which we can market our products
5. Google AnalyticsFacebook Analytics, etc are the tools that are used to analyze the performance of our marketing campaigns
6. There are services with the help of which we can create a website for our business such as wordpress, Godaddy, Google, etc

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